About us

"RANDJELOVIC" LTD was founded in 1993 by Zoran D. Randjelovic (Managing director and owner) as a company for production, W&R trade, services, export an import. "RANDJELOVIC" is in wood processing industry, more precisely speaking, it deals in sawn timber production.

 In this segment we'll do our best to present our production program, what we do, our capabilities and vision, production capacities and technology. This page is intended not only for our partners, since they know our capabilities, but also bor our prospectdive clients, so that they learn more about us and realize that "RANDJELOVIC" is a company with tradition and sound business perspective.

Generally speaking, the company deals in sawn timber production, quarters of varius sizes. Further more, we can produce unedged boards in all sizes, and other types of sawn timber as requested by the cilient.

Forestry machinery, means of transport, woodworking machines and labour give our company a capacity to produce/cut 5,000 cubic meters of beech elements per year.

Since we constantly invest in technological development, our production output will certainly increase in time to come.

We use only locally grown beech treees from woods in the immediate vicinity of our production facilities (which is a key factor in pricing). "RANDJELOVIC" expoits the woods using its own machinery, trasports the timber by its own means to the facilities, come 20 km from work-site, where it is sawn, air dried and dispatched to our clients

After being cut on the work-site, the logs are towed with our own forest tractors, and transported with our own machinery to log stacks on the company's grounds. This is where it is cleaned and washed, to be transported for further processing. The logs are then sawn on a highly automatized vertical cirrcular cutting machine.

Cross-cut sawing machine is installed at he end of the described transporter and cuts the boards to the required lenght. The boards are therefrom transported to band saw machines where elements are sized.

The timber that remains after production of the sized lelements, is used to produce strips for parquet production and small-size squares for production of broomsticks.

Since the products are still fresh after cutting they are immediately sent to the centrifuge and air drying in shed of a capacity of about 2500 cubic meters, wherefrom they are sold with the required moisture content, depending on order.

The products are packed on palettes and dispatched to their final destination, by our means of transport or even yours, as agreed with our sales department. Finally, we would like to point out that our company issues a warranty of compliance with the agreed quality and the timely delivery.

In the past, direct sale to foreign markets (Italy, Spain...) accounted for 90% of our productdion, while the remaining 10% were sold to domestic merchants and manufaturers. As you may see, our range of products is mainly directed to foreign market, and since the foreign market has precisely defined quality criteria this is an indicator of the company's compliance with the market's criteria in this field.

"RANDJELOVIC" LTD plans to upgrade present production cycle by intoducing and investing in facilities and equipment that will ensure better production quality, this actually meaning investment in steaming and drying units and machines that will enable a higher level of finish in quarter timber production.

"RANDJELOVIC" company's complex also encompasses a workshop in charge of facilities' maintenance in full operational condition.